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Early Shelby Photographers and their Photographs

Who were the people who photographically recorded the early scenes from Shelby's past?
Where did they live prior to coming to Shelby?
Where did they work while recording life and events in Shelby?
Over what period of time did they work?
What photographic processes did they employ?
Whatever became of them and their families?
We hope to answer some of these questions with this article. We will limit the period of study to times prior to 1950. We will limit the photographers to those who lived in or specialized in the Shelby area. The following list of photographers will probably grow as more photos and information become known.


 Photo technology of the era
A description of the photographic methods and differing types of products that were available
to Shelby photographers and their customers during the time period being discussed.



Period of Practice 

 Mary Hadley Madden

 Mrs. M. Madden

 1856 to 1867

Julia A. Flint 

 Miss J. Flint

 c. 1862? to c. 1868?

  R. E. Merrifield

  R. E. Merrifield

c. 1864 - c. 1866 

Augustus J. Longe

A. J. Longe & Taylor - A. J. Longe

c. 1866 to c. 1872

 Zackary Taylor

 Taylor & Smith

c. 1867 to c. 1873

Frederick H. Smith  


c. 1867 to Early 1920s   

George B. Salls?


 1882? - 1887?

  Frank Hollenbaugh


  c. 1889

William C. Bryant 

William Cullen Bryant

c. 1893 to c. 1900

Sherman A. Sheets


1896 to c. 1905


Cline - - Shelby

  c. 1897 ? to c. 1900 ? 

 Alfred McEwen

Alfred McEwen

c. 1903 - 1905 

William H. Schwab

 Wm. Schwab

c. 1903 to 1906 

Charles S. Moore

Moore & Stambaugh 

 1900 to c. 1917

John C. Stambaugh

  Moore & Stambaugh 

  1900 to c. 1917

 F. L. Hoyt

 F. L. Hoyt

c. 1901 to c. 1908

  Andrew J. Gramly ?


 c. 1901 - 1902

  A. W. Greene & Best

Greene & Best

   c. 1902 - c. 1904

 Bert Mossholder

Mossholder/Mossholder Studio  

    1906 to c. 1918 

  W. Jesse Briggs

 Photo by W. Jesse Briggs 

 c. 1909

 Chester J. Beelman

 C. J. Beelman 

 c. 1913 to c. 1916 

  William Sifferlen

 Sifferlen/Sifferlen Studio

  c. 1915 to c. 1928

  Henry Phillip Ott

H. P. Ott - Shelby

  ?? to ??

    Clarence Burkhart


   c. 1929

    Vincent J. Lewis


    c. 1927 - 1930?

    Joseph Devito

    Devito / Devito Studio

    c. 1931 to 1950+

Ralph E. Allwine 

  Allwine's Studio

      c. 1922 to 1950 

   George D. Walker


    c. 1940 to 1950+


 Carroll / Carroll Studio

     c. 1948 to 1950+



Each of the above listed photographers and their work will be discussed in detail as time permits. To view the additional information, please follow the links in the table above. Links will be added as information and photos are assembled on each photographer. We hope to answer many of the questions posed at the top of this page.
The above list is certainly not complete and we hope to fill in the blanks and answer the ?? as well as include additional photographers as they become known. Please consider adding your information to this list by contacting us at the address given below. An email button is also supplied if you wish to contact us in that manner.

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