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(c. 1906)

Photos courtesy of The Daily Globe
(c. 1900 to c. 1917)

The Shelby Daily Globe special edition of April 2, 1906 states: "It is with a great deal of pride, and no small pleasure that the Daily Globe today presents its subscribers with its first Industrial Edition. We have been at this work for three weeks with Mr. Sheets in the field, compiling the matter contained herein, and we believe that every business in town has recieved some mention."
"About the Globe.
The Globe was founded April 24, 1900, and is therefore nearly six years old. It is published by C. S. Moore and J. C. Stambaugh, under the firm name of Moore & Stambaugh. Both of the proprietors are native born residents of Shelby and have worked at the printing business for a number of years past.
Mr. Moore learned the rudiments of the trade in the office of M. E. Dickerson in the Free Press office in Shelby about 15 years ago and after working at various places in the country came back to Shelby about ten years ago, where he was employed in the different offices until the founding of the Globe.
Mr. Stambaugh learned the printing business in his father's office when Mr. Stambaugh operated the Daily Patriot at Atchison, Kansas. He returned to Shelby about eight years ago and was engaged in business here until the Globe was founded.
The Globe has been successful from its inception, has managed to pay its bills and accumulate a home besides a fairly good equipment for the publication of the paper. It is entirely due to our customers and faithful patrons, to all of whom we take off our hat and make a sweeping bow of thanks."


Charles S. Moore c. 1907
(Picture courtesy of the Shelby Museum)
Charles S. Moore was born September 1874, the oldest child of Wallace and Fannie Beelman Moore. Prior to becoming a co - founder of the Daily Globe, he worked as the City Editor for the Shelby Republican Newspaper under Henry Sheets (Editor). During that time he would have gained valuable experience that would be extremely helpful when he became involved with the birth of the Globe. Charles was married to Mary A. Statler in 1901 and they raised a family of two daughters.
John Carlton "Carl" Stambaugh was the oldest child (born November, 1875) of Samuel Foust & Mary Moore Stambaugh. ( No additional photo of Mr. Stambaugh is available at this time.) His father, better known as "Sammy", was a prominent real estate dealer in the Shelby area for over 30 years. Samuel (in 1870) worked with S. S. Bloom (his first cousin) in his law office in Shelby. In the late 1890s (as mentioned in the Globe article above) was editor and owner of The Daily Patriot newspaper in Atchison, Kansas where son John C. gained valuable experience for his future involvement with the fledgling Globe. John C. married c. 1913 and he and his wife Florence were parents of two children, one a son dying in infancy.
As an aside, The Daily Globe special edition of April 2, 1906 article mentions that the Globe City Editor was R. L. Castor. Raymond Caster was Carl Stambaugh's brother in law, having married his sister Mary Grace. Mr. Castor continued his association with the Daily Globe for decades.

Moore & Stambaugh Photographs
(Picture courtesy of the Shelby Museum)
John C. Sutter c. 1906
The above photo is one of several in the Shelby Museum collection that are marked "Moore & Stambaugh" on the reverse side. This photo was one used in the April, 1906, Daily Globe special edition. There are several others in the Museum that were also used in this special Globe edition. There is no record of who may have been in the employ of The Daily Globe under "Moore & Stambaugh" that would have taken these photographs, but since we know that many were taken, there is no doubt that many more photos exist in private collections.
The subject of this photo is John C. Sutter, a son of Samuel and Elizabeth Will Sutter. In 1880, John was city marshall of Shelby, Ohio having earlier married Mary A. Clapper who passed away in 1896. By 1883, John's father, Samuel, retired from the furniture business and S. Sutter & Co. was formed with John being a major partner with G. K. Sutter and L. W. Barkdull. John married Dr. Frances Roush in June of 1899 at which time he was still a part of S. Sutter & Co. By 1910 and on through 1920, John was a merchant retailer in Shelby. His wife Dr. Frankie (as she was known) had a thriving practice in Shelby, making her specialty the diseases of women.

All of the known "Moore & Stambaugh" photos are reverse stamped as shown above. Because The Daily Globe was born in 1900, and because the "Moore & Stambaugh" ownership in the Globe was changed c.1917 to Stambaugh & Stambaugh, the time period for the possible photography was chosen as 1900 - 1917, however the likelihood is that the time period was probably more like 1900 - 1910.
The Daily Globe had grown in size by 1910 and John C. Stambaugh was in charge of the printing of the newspaper. He continued in this capacity during his long career at the Globe. In 1910, Charles Moore was still interested in the overall publishing aspects of the Globe, but by 1918 he had moved on (perhaps following Henry Sheets) to become a manager at the Shelby Salesbook and by 1930 he and his wife and daughter Mary had moved from their home on the Grand Boulevard, to Daytona Beach, Florida.

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