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R. E. Merrifield (c. 1864 - c. 1866)

Picture courtesy of the Shelby Museum
This is the only example of an R. E. Merrifield photograph in the Shelby Museum. It is a CDV and based on the 2 cent tax stamp on the reverse of the photograph, it must have been taken some time during the period of August 1, 1864 to August 1, 1866. The subject is unknown at this time.

Photo courtesy of a private owner.
This another photo that must have been taken between the dates of August 1, 1864 and August 1, 1866.
The subject of this photo is Lucy Minerva DuBois. She was born c.1847 and would have been about 18 or 19 years old at the time of the sitting. She and her family would have been living in the Plymouth Township area at this time. In a year or two, she would marry George Boardman and they would begin their family with the birth of William H. Boardman in December of 1870.

The only currently known candidate that might possibly have been R. E. Merrifield the Shelby photographer is Robert Esty Merrifield who was born in New London, Huron County, Ohio in 1836. He was a son of William and Polly Ann Sampson Merrifield. In 1850 Robert was living in Wellington, Ohio with the John H. Wooley family. John Wooley was a tailor. Robert was married in 1857 to Delia Maria Foote and in 1860 they were living with Delia's mother Martha in Wellington, Ohio. Robert listed his occupation as tailor. In 1870 Robert and Delia and their family of 3 children were living in Cleveland, Ohio and Robert lists his occupation as tailor. It is possible that sometime between the 1860 census in Wellington, Ohio and the 1870 census in Cleveland, the Merrifield family spent some time in the Shelby area and Robert tried his hand at photography.
The Merrifield name was quite common in the New London, Ohio area during the period from 1860 to 1870, but there were no other given name combinations that would produce the initials "R. E.". If you have any clues to the identity of R. E. Merrifield, or the subject of the above photograph, or have additional examples of R. E. Merrifield photos, please contact the museum.

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