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Picture courtesy of the Shelby Museum
Frederick H. Smith (1867 - Early 1920s)

The Taylor & Smith Era (1868 - 1873)
Frederick H. Smith was born in Oxford, England in 1849. He came with his parents to Canada in about 1853. In 1861 his father Thomas passed away and at age 12, Frederick was "on his own" and chose to work in a photo studio that was located close to Niagara Falls. He enlisted as one of the English Volunteers of Canada when he was 15 and spent several years in the army. He came to Shelby, Ohio in about 1867 - 1868. He almost immediately went into business at 23 East Main Street, the present location of the Shelby Museum. He partnered with Zackary "Jack" Taylor and operated a combination book store and photography studio. Jack ran the book store while Fred worked in his studio.

The two ads (above) are from the Shelby Independent News. The one on the left ran in November, 1868 and the other, December, 1869. In June of 1870, Fred and Zackary were living in George Kline's Hotel Shelby (now located at the SW corner of Main and Mansfield Ave.) with Zackary listed as a "Books and Stationery Dealer" and Fred as a "Photographer". Soon after this the business moved to the area of the Brickley Block.

Picture courtesy of the Shelby Museum
These Taylor & Smith pictures are typical of the CDV format (approximately 2.5 by 4.2 inches) mentioned previously in the Mary Madden discussion. Notice how the label on the back of this picture differs from that on the Beverstock picture. George Owings in 1870 was an apprentice blacksmith to Harrison Mickey who owned a blacksmith shop in downtown Shelby.
In December of 1870 Fred married Sarah C. Dickie, a daughter of Moses and Ruth Brown Dickie. In 1871 Jack Taylor wed Harriett Gettle a daughter of William and Mary Gettle. Sometime after 1874, Jack and his new wife moved to Cardington, Morrow Co., Ohio and by 1880 he became established there as a "Miller and Grain Dealer". It was in Cardington that "Z. Taylor" received his portion of a final distribution from his Grandfather John Taylor's will in July of 1879.

Fred Smith Era (1867 - early 1920's)
After the Taylor& Smith partnership was dissolved, Fred continued his photography business in the Brickley Block until c. 1879 when a fire occurred, the building burned and the Fred Smith Studio moved to 15 North Gamble St. Over the years from 1880 until the early 1920s, Fred Smith produced 10s of thousands of pictures of many and varying formats and sizes. We will attempt to include samples of these various formats and labeling so that it may be possible to use this information to help establish a date for a Smith photograph.
He continued to produce great quantities of the CDV format that have been shown (above) with the Taylor & Smith labeling.
(Newspaper Ad - May 20, 1897)
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