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F. L. Hoyt embossing
F. L. Hoyt
(c. 1901? to c. 1908?)

Who was F. L. Hoyt?
We know of F. L. Hoyt only because of the existence of the following four photos. Research of the early Shelby directories, the Federal Censuses, and the newspapers of the period yield no obvious F. L. Hoyt. There are several Frank Hoyts that live in the vicinity (Mansfield and Norwalk), however there are no clues that would indicate that those Frank Hoyt's may he be the Shelby photographer. There were Hoyt families that lived in the Norwalk area, but none have the initials to be our F. L. Hoyt. For now the four photos will have to provide what clues we have to help identify Mr. (or Ms.) Hoyt.
First, the common element in these photos (in addition to all being embossing in the lower right corner with F. L. Hoyt) is the uniforms worn by each of the subjects. The clue that helps identify the uniform is the musical clefts worn on the collars. These people must be members of a band, a Shelby band. There were many Shelby bands over the years but these pictures help provide the clue to determine which Shelby band .
The names of those pictured band members are written in pencil on the reverse side of the photos.
James Guthrie ....................................................................................................... Lee Roth

Photos from The Shelby Museum
James Tilden Guthrie was born in 1876, probably in Ashland County, Ohio. He was one of seven children of Dunbar and Emmaline Guthrie. By the 1900 census, James and his parents have moved to Jackson Twp., Richland County. By the time the 1901 Shelby directory was published, the Guthrie family was living on South Broadway (Mansfield Ave.) and James was working in an electrical office in Shelby. James married Florence Wert in October of 1904 and in 1910 they were living with their two children (Francis and Howard) in Portage County, Ohio. In 1914 James and Florence and the 2 sons were living on 21 Blackfork St. and James was a traveling salesman. Florence died in October, 1918 having given birth to James their third son in September. Perhaps there were complications, James only lived 9 months. James T. Guthrie passed away in 1950 while residing in Plymouth, Ohio.
Lee Clinton Roth son of Dehoff and Dianna Cooper Roth, was born December 1879 in Shelby, Ohio. In 1900, Dehoff Roth was a rail road postal clerk living with his family at 25 Third Street (daughter Lilly had married Lex Hershiser c. 1897). Lee worked in the bicycle factory. By 1908 the Roth family had moved to 72 North Broadway and within a year Lee would marry. 1910 finds Lee and wife Amelia living at 18 1/2 Wilson Ave with Lee listing his occupation as "proprietor of music store". Lee, with Amelia and daughter Mabel were living at 18 Wilson Ave in 1920. Lee was employed at the "Tube Works" as a machinist. Lee passed away in 1946. He and his wife are buried at Oakland Cemetery.
Sam Hanna .................................................................................................... Dan Berger

Photos from The Shelby Museum
Samuel C. Hanna was born July 13, 1874, probably in Millersburgh, Ohio. In 1880 he was living with his parents (James & Elizabeth) and his grandparents (Samuel & Margaret) in Millersburgh. His grandfather was a carpenter and his father had been a painter and carpenter. In 1900, Samuel's father has died and he and his mother and 5 brothers are living in Millersburgh, Ohio. The 1901 Shelby directory lists W. D. and G. C. Hanna living at 17 Sharon Ave. "W. D." is probably Walter David Hanna a younger brother of Samuel. "G. C." could be a misspelling of "S. C. who would be Samuel. Samuel was certainly living in Shelby before February, 1901. The 1906 Shelby directory lists Clarence, Earl, Walter, and Samuel Hanna living in Shelby. By the time of the 1908 Shelby directory, Samuel is living at 15 S. Gamble with wife Stella M. Hiles (daughter of Henry & Della Hiles) and brother Clarence as well as Lillian Hanna, who may be Samuel's aunt. Samuel, wife Stella and their first child Elizabeth are living in Frederickown, Ohio in 1910 where Samuel is a superintendent at the Foote Foundry. By 1913 Samuel and Stella are back in Shelby living at 133 North Broadway and he is working at the Shelby Foundry. Samuel registered for the WWI draft in Ashtabula County in 1917/18. Samuel died in Cleveland, Ohio in 1932. Both Samuel and Stella are buried in the Oakland Cemetery.
Dan Berger has been a big challenge to track down. There are several possible Daniel Bergers, but none that can at this time be traced to the Shelby area. If you have information concerning a Dan Berger who may have been in the Shelby area during the time period of 1901 to 1906 please contact us.

The information collected on Samuel C. Hanna and sets the time bounds on the F. L. Hoyt photos more closely than the others. Since Samuel moved here in late 1900 or very early 1901 and was in the area until 1908 before moving to Fredericktown, Ohio, it is most likely the time period in which the Hoyt photos must have been taken. James Guthrie and Lee Roth's information dovetails nicely with this conclusion. This will allow us to look more closely at this time frame for information on F. L. Hoyt and Dan Berger.

Shelby Band Photos
The following pictures can not be definitely attributed to a specific photographer at this time and are included in this section to verify that the uniforms the subjects of the Hoyt photos (above) were wearing were indeed band uniforms.

Shelby Band c. 1905 - 1906
In the above photograph number 1 may denote James Guthrie. number 2 is Samuel Hanna, and number 3 appears to be Dan Berger. The band director is Edward F. Smith, born 1845. Edward "Jerry" Smith served in the American Civil War at age 16 as a bugler in Co. H., 2nd Regt. of the OVC. Edward formed a marching band in the Shelby area in 1886 and it was such a success that he continued with Shelby bands until the time of his death in early 1907. If you have information concerning those pictured in this photograph, please contact us.
Shelby Citizen Band c. 1903 - 1905
(Photo from The Shelby Museum)
We can see some familiar faces in this Citizen Band picture as well. James Guthrie is seated in the second row second from the left. Next to him (third from the left) is Lee Roth. In the back row third from the left is Samuel Hanna, and at the far right in the back row is Dan Berger. Others that are known in the picture: Back row far left is Charles S. Cooper (bn. 1874) and fifth from the left (in the back row) is William "Bill" Cook (bn. 1885). If you have additional names to add, please contact the museum.

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