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Alfred McEwen - 1903 - 1905
Alfred McEwen was probably born in Wood County, Ohio, c 1873. The son of Marcus D. and Sarah J. McEwen, Alfred grew up in the Fostoria, Ohio area. The 1900 Federal census shows Alfred with Myrtle his wife of four years living close to his father near Fostoria, Ohio. Alfred stated that his occupation in 1900 was "oil producer". He was a part of the Wood County oil boom that started in the late 1880s with a well near North Baltimore, Ohio. It continued through the next decade into the early 1900s when the huge oil discovery was made at Spindletop, near Beaumont, Texas in 1901. The amounts of oil discovered in Texas dwarfed the dwindling production in Wood County and the 'oil producers" followed along to the "big" Texas discovery.
The connection between Alfred McEwen, oil producer of Fostoria in 1900 and his being a photographer in Shelby, Ohio by 1904 can be explained by a fact noted in a Shelby Globe issued July 18, 1905. This article reports Alfred's death in Fostoria on July 15, 1905 after he had spent less than two years as a photographer in Shelby. It also notes that Alfred was the son of M. D. McEwen and that he leaves a wife and a 4 year old son. Alfred was educated at the Ohio Normal University at Ada, Ohio and later took courses in photography at Effingham, Ill. Shelby's studio was his first business venture. The 1910 Federal census lists a Myrtle McEwen (widow) and son Willard (8) living in the Fostoria, Ohio area,
The sole photographic sample that we have at the Shelby Museum is one that Alfred took of the 1904 Shelby Football team. We are very interested in viewing any additional Shelby photos by Alfred McEwen.
Picture courtesy of the Shelby Museum
The photograph was taken in 1904. The subject was the Shelby, Ohio High School Football Team.
This is an enlargement of the Alfred McEwen embossed mark (above). This was done in color because it displays the embossing with better detail than the enlarged black and white scan.
Picture courtesy of the Shelby Museum
As an aside, the 1904 Shelby High School football team was one of many from Shelby that had an outstanding football season. Their season consisted of 6 games. The first game of the season was played against an alumni team. The results were: Shelby 0 Alumni 0.
The following 5 games were played against: Galion, Fostoria, Attica, Scrubs, and Bellville.
For the entire season of 6 games the scoring was: Shelby 25 points, Opponents 10 points.
The members of the team were as follows:
LE - Guy Cramer, LT - Dale Clark, LG - Charles Huber, C - Harry Truesh, RG - Cletus Briner, RE - Burt Brickley, RT - Howard Hunter, QB - Henry Lowe, LH - Howard Brightman, RH - Capt. Carl Sutter, F,- Lawrence Wilhide

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