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Early Shelby Photographers and their Photographs
Augustus Joseph Longe (c. 1866 - c. 1868)
(1870 - 1872 in Kenton, Ohio)
Augustus Longe born c. 1800 in the Sachsen region of Germany came to the
United States in 1836 with his wife Ester and family of 3 children: Charles,
Edward and Julia Ann. The following year their fourth child Harrison was born
in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Four more children: William Henry,
Caroline, Augustus and Caroline (I don't know why there are two girls listed with
the name Caroline) were born in Pennsylvania before the Longe family moved
on to Sandusky Twp, Crawford County, Ohio.
The 1850 census indicates that Augustus Longe Sr. was a weaver by trade. Sometimes
this would indicate a weaver of coverlets as discussed in the section on area weavers,
The following ad ran in The Shelby Pioneer newspaper in May 0f 1859. It appears to have
been running since September of 1858 which suggests the Longe family has moved to
Shelby and they are involved in many aspects of the woolen business. Notice that they are
offering blankets and coverlets. Whether this includes jacquard style coverlets is uncertain.
Shelby Museum
The Woolen Factory mentioned in the above ad was probably located between the
Black Fork and Washington Street, just south of what is now Whitney Ave. It would
have been just north of where City Mills was built along Main Street west of the
Black Fork. It was on this site that the Shelby U B Church was later located.
The 1860 census confirms the Longe family have moved to the village of Shelby and
Augustus Sr. lists his occupation as "clothier". Oldest son Charles has recently
married (c. 1857) and he and his wife Mary have started their family with the birth
of Emma in 1858. Charles also lists his occupation as "clothier". Son Augustus
does not appear in the Longe household in the 1860 Shelby census.
Shelby Chronicle Advertisement
By the 1870 census, Augustus Sr. and Charles Longe both indicate they "work
in a woolen factory" and reside in Shelby. This is in line with the occupation of
"weaver" and "clothier", but doesn't explain the advertisement (above) that began
running in the Shelby Chronicle on May 23, 1867 or the following photograph:

Picture courtesy of Robert Sponseller
Myers Garrett - April 1866
(For information concerning Myers Garrett, please see the Mrs. Mary Madden section.)
The above photograph proves that A. J. Longe was in the photography business in
Shelby prior to his purchasing Mrs. Mary Madden's equipment in May of 1867.

About one year later an article appeared in the Chronicle newspaper
that read as follows:
Photographs for all -- A visit to the rooms of Mr. Longe will satisfy
the most skipticle (sp) that he understands his business. We have visited
a great many operating rooms, and are free to confess that we have never
seen one that recomends (sp) itself as does the one now used by him.
His operator Mr. Smith, of Hamilton, Canada, is an artist of ten years
experience (Fred Smith was 19 years old at that time.) and a gentleman
of fine abilities. We hope that the citizens of Shelby will support well
this new gallery.
Shelby Chronicle - May 16, 1868 *

Picture courtesy of Robert Sponseller
After purchasing the "Stock and Fixtures" of Mrs.Mary Madden, on December 25, 1867
A. J. Longe presented the above complimentary photo to Julia Elizabeth DuBois -
oldest daughter of Hobart Graves and Lucy Minerva Boardman DuBois. (In 1870
the H. G. DuBois family was living in Plymouth Township.)
(Eugenie Marie de Montijo was wife of Napoleon III and Empress of France. She became
widely discussed when Sultan Abdulaziz of Turkey visited France in 1867. She returned
his visit in 1869 to emphasize the strong relations between the two empires.)
Surviving photographs seem to show a resemblance between Empress Eugenie and Julia
Elizabeth Dubois.
Who was the presenter: A. J. Longe?

How does a "weaver" or "clothier" conduct a photography studio business?
That puzzlement was probably answered when Augustus and Ester's youngest son
Augustus (bn. c. 1844) was located in the 1870 census. He was then living in
Kenton, Hardin County, Ohio and he listed his occupation as "daguertype artist".
It can be assumed that son Augustus Jr., after the period of the Civil War and the
popularization of photography, the return of Zackary Taylor, and the appearance of
Frederick Smith, saw a business potential in this area for another photography studio.
It is not known at this time whether Augustus Jr. had any experience in photography
but certainly Frederick Smith had a good background. The combination of Longe, who was
24, and Taylor, who was 20, and the 19 year old Smith would perhaps be just what
this community needed.
It appears that something went awry not long after this studio was born, because
Augustus Longe Jr. was in Kenton, Ohio in 1870, less than two years after the article
appeared in the Shelby Chronicle. Taylor and Smith were running advertisements
in the Shelby Independent News less than a year later. It seems that a breakup
occurred and Augustus Jr. moved on while Taylor and Smith remained together
for a few more years.
February, 2010
Records of Augustus J. Longe's service in the Civil War indicate that he enlisted
as a private in Co. K, Reg 120 of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry in March, 1864
and was discharged July 7, 1865 at Camp Chase.

Notice - Shelby Times - Feb. 6, 1868 issue
Note - January 4, 2008:
James Hennessy found the above notice which confirms the break-up of the
Taylor - Longe partnership and the end of the Longe & Taylor photographic era in Shelby.
Thank you again Jim for your contributions!

Since thie Longe & Taylor partnership lasted only a short time, the number of photos taken
must have been much smaller than those from Mary Madden or Taylor and Smith.

This photograph must have been taken during the period 1867 to 1868. By 1869
Taylor and Smith were taking photos like the one below using the same
backdrops and props (table) as was used in the Longe and Taylor photo.

Picture courtesy of the Shelby Museum
In September of 1870 A. (Augustus) J. Longe, resident of Kenton, Ohio signed papers to sell
Shelby lot 534 to David Lowrie of Shelby. Lot 534 is adjacent to the current location of the
Shelby Museum. The evidence seems to indicate that it was Augustus J. Longe, son of Augustus
& Ester Longe and brother to Charles and William Henry Longe, that was the "Longe" in the
Longe & Taylor partnership.

Augustus J. Longe (c. 1865-1869)
This CDV was just discovered (February, 2008) in a collection of Shelby area photos.
It is signed "Gus Longe". The style of dress as well as the construction of the photograph
indicate the photo was probably taken in the late 1860s. This provides further proof
of the existance of a dapper, younger Augustus Longe in the Shelby area.
February, 2010
(See the reverse of the CDV)
Since Hamilton, Canada West, became Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1867, it is
likely that this photo was taken ca. 1865 - 1867. Also note that Fred Smith who was
a partner in Longe's photography business in Shelby was also from Hamilton, Ontario
and may have had connections with the firm of C. H. Wright.

A. J. Longe continued his career as a photographer and "daguertype artist" in Kenton,
Hardin County, Ohio. He soon formed a Longe & Baker partnership that appears to have
lasted just a few years.

Picture courtesy of Robert Sponseller
Mary Ella DuBois c. 1872
(Mary Ella, born 1855, was the youngest daughter of H. G. & Lucy Minerva Dubois.)


c. 1870 - 1872
He later produced photos labeled " A. J. Longe's Fine Art Studio" in Kenton, Ohio.
Mr. A. J. Longe was no longer living in Kenton, Ohio in the 1880 census and we can find no
later information on him.

March 2010
The search for Augustus Longe after the 1870 census has been a bit difficult, however
some discoveries have been recently made. Augustus was found to be a resident at the
Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers at Leavenworth, Kansas during the period February
8, 1907 to June 8, 1907. From this we learned that Augustus served in Company K, 120th
Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted March 10, 1864 at Mansfield, Ohio as a Private and
was discharged July 7, 1865 as a Corporal at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. In his military
record we find that in 1907 Augustus was fair of complexion, had blue eyes and gray hair.
He lists his occupation as "photographer". He was discharged on June 8th at his own
request and listed his nearest relative as Mrs. J. R. Gooding who was living in Iberia, Ohio.
Mrs. J. R. Gooding was Carrie S. Longe / Gooding a younger sister of Augustus. She had
been previously married to William Hall and they were the parents of Elmer F. Hall born
1871. Carrie married James R. Gooding in 1888 but by 1910 she was again widowed and
living in Washington Township, Morrow Co., Ohio with her now divorced son Elmer Hall.
Betty Meier of the Morrow County Genealogical Society verified that Augustus J. Longe
was buried at the Iberia Cemetery. After several trips, Augustus's stone was located at the
cemetery. It is a government issue stone that verified that Augustus served in the 120th
Ohio Volunteer Infantry, but no further information. Mary Mc Cown who works at the
Iberia Post Office helped with locating a cemetery employee who searched the burial
files but was unable to find additional information. Just when and where Augustus
died still remained a mystery.
A trip to the Morrow County, Ohio courthouse showed no entries during 1907 - 1909 in
the death records for Augustus J. Longe. A trip across the street to visit Betty Meier at the
Genealogical Society yielded nothing more in their death or cemetery records. A final
thought sent us back to the courthouse to check for a possible estate record. Success!
His Probate Court record indicates " death by accident at Burbank, Ohio on the line of
the Erie Railroad Company, on or about November 21, 1908 occasioned by his being struck
by an Erie locomotive while walking on the company's right of way at Burbank, Ohio."
Benefits of his estate were to go Lina S. Quay, sister, and Carrie S. Gooding, sister
sole heirs of Augustus J. Longe. (Lina S. Longe / Quay was an older sister who
married James F. Quay c. 1871.)
A trip back across the street to share the information with Betty Meier and she
immediately went the their archived newspapers and located a front page article
in a Mt. Gilead newspaper dated November 26, 1908.
The article reads as follows:
A. J. Long Struck by Erie Train at Burbank -
Dies Instantly - The Funeral Services at Iberia
A. J. Long, of Iberia, engaged as cook for a crew of carpenters for the Erie railroad,
under the supervision of Wm Colmery, was struck and instatly killed by an Erie train
Saturday morning at Burbank.
Long was crossing the tracks near the station, going for water, when struck by the
engine of train 3. His back was broken and he died instatly. The remains were brought
to Galion on Saturday afternoon and taken to the home of his sister, Mrs. J. F. Quay in
Iberia, where the funeral was held on Monday at 10 o'clock.
Mr. Long was a Civil War veteran and was sixty years old. He was unmarried, and
for a number of years has resided with the Quays. He leaves another sister, Mrs.
Carrie Gooding, of Iberia."
We still don't know the whereabouts of Augustus Longe between 1872 and 1907, but
thanks to Mary McCown at the Iberia Post Office and Betty Meier at the Morrow
County Genealogical Society for their help and kindness we have finally found
Augustus's final resting place.


July 2015
Thanks to Susie Holderfield, we now have a better understanding of August Longe's
whereabouts between the years 1880 and 1900. While perusing Arkansas census records
for her webpage research on the 120th Regiment OVI, she found an A. J. Long in the
1880 and a Joseph A. Long in the 1900 censuses. Her email states the following:
I do believe that I have found the missing years of Augustus J.
LONGE in the census records. He was out "west."

I found these when I was updating his file at my 120th Regiment site.
I am putting each soldier into his own pdf file so that I can give the
information to some libraries.
1880 Census, Gravelly Hill, Yell Co, Arkansas, Dwelling 224,
Family 224: M. R. STOUT, age 28 AR, father born AR, mother
born PA; N J, wife, age 22 MO, parents born MO; A J, son, age 7 AR;
W G, age 1 AK, son; A J LONG, boarder, age 35 IN, artist.
1900 Census, Gravelly Hill, Yell Co Arkansas, Dwelling 104, Family 105:
Joseph A. LONG, boarder, age 58 PA, single, born Sep 1842, father born
Germany, mother born PA, PHOTOGRAPHER. He was boarding with
Redman CAVINESS or CARINESS, a merchant and his wife Maggie and
their children.
Best wishes,
Susie Holderfield
Other than his birth place being listed as Indiana in the 1880 census,
this certainly appears to be where Augustus moved after leaving Kenton,
Ohio. We are grateful to Susie for supplying this terrific lead and will
try to build on this and perhaps locate some Longe photos from the Yell
County, Arkansas area.
Thank you very much Susie!

If you have further information concerning the Augustus Longe family or have a
Longe and Taylor photograph that you would like to share, please contact the Shelby

* Thanks to James Hennessy for finding the article in the Shelby Chronicle
that started the hunt for a Mr. Longe and his photographs....
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