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The items contained in the parcel that arrived from Don and Ruth Stewart, for me opened an entirely different view of Edward Edson Lee. He became more than a writer of a list of books that began with a story published in the Daily Globe while living in Shelby and employed at the Autocall Company. As the articles, snapshots, book covers, mementos , and notes were uncovered, it became obvious that this was a writer truly interested in knowing and writing for his specific audience. Ruth's father, Willis Potthoff, was born at nearly the same time as Edward Lee's son, Eugene. Since Edward was specifically targeting those who were approximately his son's age, Willis was also the recipient of all Leo Edwards' fun loving, moral boosting entertainment. This then became the start of the collection of items that revealed to me the history of his penchant - love - fondness - for all things Leo Edwards.

As seen on the previous page, most Leo Edwards research results tend to present Edward Edson Lee as a writer who wrote nearly forty novels for a juvenile audience. This, coupled with a bit of family history, often noted he was employed at the Shelby Autocall in advertising when he decided to publish his first work at the Shelby Daily Globe (in serial form). This event serendipitously started his career in writing. While most of this is true, the Stewart / Potthoff information sheds much more light on the life of Edward Edson Lee, illuminating details that actually shaped and enhanced his publishing career.

The Stewarts have donated a more complete listing of Edward Lee's publications providing ample clues that his was not a writing career that somehow grew spontaneously from a happenstance occurring while he was employed in an advertising career.

Link to detailed list of books, short stories, magazine, and newspaper articles.

Willis Potthoff's collection of Edward Lee's related memoribilia contains media photos obtained at conventions as well as more personal photos shared by the writer's only child, Eugene (given the nickname"Beanie"by his father).

Link to Willis Potthoff's Edward & Eugene Lee Memoribilia

Samples of Bert Salg's Illustrations for Edward Lee's Books
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